the series of cphace

The cphace images depict natural phenomena such as glaciers, rainforests, plantations, botanical gardens, swamps, reefs, mud flats & coral landscapes.

The lush nature is captured with a converted camera that records infrared waves of the electromagnetic light spectrum that are invisible to the naked eye.

The images are manipulated to create a new original image. Then enhanced with colour variations.

The result is a symmetrical image of organic forms with a central axis.

Within each image nature becomes less complex in colour but much more complex in its shapes, textures & lines.

All images are printed with archival inks on metallic paper in inches of; 33x30 - 44x40.


  • 33x30 - 1250.00 - limited editions of 25
  • 44x40 - 1950.00 - limited editions of 25

- free shipping in the USA -

ordering prints:

please emails image # & size request plus shipping info to: laird @